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phonetic keyboard driver

When you want to write russian with english keyboard layout

If you need to write russian texts, Windows does not help at all. Preinstalled keyboard layouts like "Russian" or "Russian Typewriter" have the keys at far different places than you except them.

But don't worry, you are not alone! For users like you we have created a driver (system component) which enables Windows to write in russian in any Windows-enabled application (your favorite word-processor, mail client, webbrowser and many others). It's sooo easy. Exactly the same way in which you are switching keyboard layouts you can now switch to our "Russian phonetic" layout:

rfkxpeng.gif, 10 kB

Now when you write "sobaka" (means dog in Russian) pressing keys "s", "o", "b", "a", "k" and "a" on your QWERTY keyboard, your application will write "CОБАКА". Full keyboard layout is shown here:

rfkxp.gif, 2 kB

This driver comes as self-installing .exe, which does not require any user input (with license number exception) other than clicking "Next, next, finish". After setup has finished, new layout is ready for use. It's so easy that every ordinary user is able to do it.

Interested? No wonder. You can order and pay with your credit card on RegSoft secure page. We offer three different versions:
Windows 3.x ($10)
Windows 95/98/ME ($25)
Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 ($25)

If you need more licenses, mail us for a volume discount. Any questions? We are glad to help!

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